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Preparing for your trip

If you plan to travel to the city of Orlando, nothing better than find out a little about their history.
Orlando is and always will be the best destination for all those looking for fun and joy

Orlando - Florida

Orlando has mild climate (subtropical), the nickname of the city is The City Beautiful. English is the official language, but in a significant percentage (16%) also speaks Spanish, French (1.33%) and Portuguese (0.99%)

The city is located in the central part of the state of Florida, USA, in Orange County, and has numerous lakes within its boundaries, its length being cut into Interstate 4 (I4) and Highway 408.

The story of Orlando

The history of the city of Orlando has its onset in mid-1838, a time when the war was being fought against the Seminole Indians.
The city of Orlando is officially admitted as a municipality in 1875, counting this time with only 85 (eighty-five) people.
In 1870, the fertile land and warm climate of Orlando began to attract a large number of people, resulting in the construction of roads, schools, churches, railway, banks, etc..

However, World War II was very favorable for the development of Orlando, since the U.S. military built there one of its military bases, shelters for their soldiers, a hospital and even opened a new airport.

It is worth noting the implement of the U.S. space program at Cape Canaveral in 1955 who also assisted in rapidly developing local economy, including Cape Canaveral becoming the headquarters of NASA and causing more than sixty changed up new industries to the region.

In 1964, Walter Elias Disney acquired an enormous amount of land in the lap and on Nov. 15, 1965 announced its ambitious plan to build the largest and most spectacular theme park hitherto existing. The total price of construction until its opening in October 1971 was estimated at four hundred million dollars.

After the opening of Walt Disney World hundreds of companies have moved into the region in their eagerness to be able to increase their business.

The Sea World, Epcot Center, Disney MGM Studios. Not only that, there were the Disney resorts, plus numerous other hotels, malls, restaurants, etc..

Disney in 1998 opened the Animal Kingdom, a park as its name already suggests, it is dedicated to the animal world. The park Universal, Universal Studios was established in Orlando in 1990, and in 1999 opened another park, an expansion of the first, called Islands of Adventure, and the Citywalk, a place full of cinemas, restaurants and nightclubs.


The first action you should take when deciding to know the city of Orlando, if travel is to resolve on their own or will hire the services of a specialized tour company.

Check with the big companies for opportunities installment or consult a travel agent, because in most cases you can find flights at prices more inviting than directly at the counter of the airlines

Speed limits

Are as follows: 55-70 mph (90-105 km / h) on highways; 20-30 mph (32-48 km / h) in residential areas and 15 mph (24 km / h) in areas near schools.
Note that the Interstate you can be fined for transit below the minimum speed.
It should be noted that speed limits are controlled by the police ( Florida Highway Patrol ) that if any fine him for good you'll have to pay the fine on time values that can reach up to $ 150.00.

Transit rules

The vast majority of intersections have traffic lights for 03 (three) or 04 (four) phases, and is allowed to make left turn at all intersections. To do so, just to pay close attention to its operation, observe the correct range - from left, as well as its light.
Note: If you mistakenly stop in the left lane, try to leave quickly because it is not allowed to make another maneuver than that pertaining to conversion to left. If you make a mistake and you can not leave the track, do a maneuver that is allowed and give back.

All crosses you can: move forward (right), turn left or turn right, always noting that the traffic lights have stages for such maneuvers and asphalt are shown exclusive tracks.

Tip: Watch out for pedestrians, always give preference to pedestrians.

Importantly, the first car to reach a junction is what is preferred input.

Gasoline is also an important factor, especially for those who will run for long distances. Keep your vehicle stocked always with the tank, noting that U.S. gasoline is sold in gallons.

Travel insurance

For your safety you may want to hire a travel insurance.
There are many options for travel insurance so it is worth researching enough or even contact some travel agent who can bring you more information about the companies operating in this segment.

If you have an account in some bank is also interesting to consult your manager and is associated with some health insurance be sure to call the company and ask if perhaps you are entitled to assistance while abroad because many health plans offer this benefit .

For your safety you may want to hire a travel insurance, see some companies that provide this type of service.
Be sure to see if your credit card is no longer entitles you to travel insurance.

By hiring a safe watch out for your period of coverage, limits and information about the how to use it - if you need - during your trip.

Sometimes even your credit card can offer you a safe journey, so be sure to consult your service provider also.

Never travel without any insurance! Any emergency, any steps you may need eventually if you have no coverage, you can represent a considerable expense.