1 - Is it safe to rent a house on the internet?

Yes, just check the credentials of the owner or the company, and then make sure that the location of the property is safe. Even if you stay in a hotel, it is convenient to check the safety of the place. Renting directly from the owner is the safest way, as it is for our two houses.

2 - Is it safe to stay in one of our houses?

The concern for security has its reason when staying in a house with no railings or walls. The US live a situation where the crime rate is very low, and this index in homes is still lower than in hotels. You can check it as published on our Facebook
So you will see that our houses are located in places with zero crimes (either with or without violence).

3 - What is the best time to visit Orlando?

In the United States, the summer months are June, July and August when there are also the American and European school holidays. Although in these months, the Parks and the City get crowded, there are more attractions. In May, June, September, October and November the parks are quieter. Some American holidays also bring many tourists to Orlando. In March / April, there are Spring Break and Easter, in July, the Independence Day; while on 31 October the Halloween; on Thursday, November Thanksgiving, then Black Friday and Christmas and New Year. If you want to take a vacation in a more economic season, see the season map and its respective Price List and also the availability of our houses.

4 - Which city are Disney and our houses located?

Unlike what many people think, Walt Disney World is not directly in Orlando, but in the cities of Lake Buena Vista and Kissimmee (this last is the Main Gate of Parks, the Main Gate). The Greater Orlando is comprised of Orlando, Kissimmee, Celebration, Lake Buena Vista, Doctor Phillips, Windermere, Clermont, Davenport and other smaller towns. Our houses are in Kissimmee (the same city the Disney complex), in a zone of Short Term Rental and has the licenses of the North American government to lease for the season. In Orlando, is not allowed to lease housing for season except in a few condos in the International Drive area. The addresses of our houses are:

House 3: with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms: xxxx Indian Oaks Trail, Kissimmee, Florida, USA

House 4: with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms: xxxx Bow Creek Rd, Kissimmee, FLorida, USA

Both houses have a living and dining room, kitchen, 2 car garage, laundry room and indoor pool per screen. There are lockers in every room, hallway and kitchen.

(Xxxx = number of the house, that for security reasons, will be informed at the time of the booking confirmation).

5 - What is there in the condominium and nearby?

Each Condominium, where our houses are, has one or two parks with tennis courts, basketball, playground, collective pool (only the house 3 has two pools), hiking trails, etc. The great road that gives access to the condominium is the US192 (cut by Interstate I4), which also gives access to the Disney parks, among others. It is a route of high tourism and has several restaurants, markets, shops, banks, hospitals, parks, hotels, etc. All the information about the condominium and the commerce of this great avenue can be seen in the maps and tables in Condominium and Location..

6 – Is it guaranteed that the house hiring corresponds to the photos on the site?

We, owners, ensure that the pictures of this site correspond exactly to the houses to be rented. Eventually, some details may have changed over time, such as the color of the curtain, sofa or similar, since we are constantly trying to keep the house clean and comfortable to our guests. Notice that the rent is done directly with the owners without any intermediates (who could distort the information).

7 - What are the advantages and disadvantages of staying in a home or a hotel?

To make this comparison we need to take into account the similarities. As we know, there are lower quality hotels with low prices and oppositely comfortable and expensive hotels. Our houses are comfortable and equipped up to be compared to comfortable hotels. Though some of these hotels offer cable TV, Microwave, Minibar, Coffee and other equipment, none of them can count on a living room, private pool and garage, as well as other facilities such as a complete laundry room and a complete kitchen, which reduces the dependence on restaurants. The conviviality of family or group is quite different when staying in a house or a hotel. You will find more freedom and comfort in our homes. Besides, many hotels still charge extra fees for the use of the internet, parking, and laundry and we only charge you a cleaning fee at check out when the stay does not reach eight days. It is worth saying that, often, people initially preferring to stay in hotels at the Disney parks get surprised when the apparent facilities turn into difficulties such as limited mobility, getting good meals and the high additional costs not included in the packages. Usually, the cost of a daily of our homes (which meets several people) is roughly equivalent to 2 daily in a cheap hotel or a unique daily in a comfortable hotel, with all the differences pointed out above. If we take into account that the capacity of a hotel room is for 2 to 3 people, and our house is for 6 to 10 people, the advantages of staying in our homes are, at least, double compared to a nice comfortable hotel and quadruple if compared to a cheap hotel.

8 - What equipment and facilities are available in the houses?

Each house has a complete kitchen with household utensils for meal preparation plus kettle, toaster, blender, microwave, stove, refrigerator and washing machine, crockery and crusher. The laundry room has a washer, dryer, and Iron. There is household linen in wardrobes. In other rooms, there are TVs (Living room and bedrooms), DVD / Bluray, safe, hairdryer, bathroom scale, computer, printer, the Internet. Besides that, you can also find in our houses heated Pool, central air conditioning and much more. See below:


9 - Does the house have a computer? and WiFi?

Yes, the house has a desktop computer, printer with scanner and WiFi. You can use your smartphone at will.

10 - Is there a pool at the house? How is its maintenance?

Our homes have private pools (one of the houses also offers a collective pool of the condominium), which are covered by a thin screen, protecting against the common insects in Orlando, as well reducing the incidence of UV-A and UV-B rays. Our Local Administration has a maintenance team that weekly makes the cleaning of the pool so that users can rest assured with the safety of the pools. Each weekly intervention is registered on the Command Table Card found next to the pool.

11 - Is there a heating system at the pool? How does it work?

Yes, there is heating, but it is optional, and it is suggested during the winter (November to February), for a daily value, according to Price List. If hired, the heating will be on the morning of check-in and the water will be heated to the temperature around 84 / 85ºF (29ºC). The temperature is not 104 ° F (40 ° C) as in SPAs once it could damage the pool, but mild and suitable to break the cold water in the days of winter in Orlando. You can hire the heating for the entire period of stay, or at least 7 days, which must necessarily occur at the beginning or end of the season contracted.

12 - Is there air conditioning in the house? How can it be operated?

Our two houses are equipped with air conditioning and central heating which are always on (24 h / 7 days). To make some adjustment just select the desired temperature, usually around 73ºF (23ºC), on the panel, in the rooms.

13 - Is there a daily cleaning service for the House?

With the air conditioning on 24 hours a day and normally with the windows closed, preventing the entry of insects and dust, the houses are kept cleaned for much longer. However, if the guest wants some extra cleaning can be hired aside as referenced in the Price List, However, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, clothing dryer and iron are available for the guests to use.

14 - Are there Iron, hairdryer, towel, pillow, sheet and blanket in the house?

SYes, our houses are equipped with iron, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, bathroom scale and more. They are also equipped with at least two sets of 300/400 thread sheets, pillows and quality towels. Although the houses can always be heated with central heating, there are comfortable duvets or quilts.

15. How is the garbage collection?

The House Agreement Manual contains all the garbage operation details as well as the days of collecting recyclables and common. You can also use the kitchen disposer to eliminate any junk food.

16 - Are pets allowed in the house?

No, pets are not allowed inside or outside our homes. This occurrence generates breach of contract with the application of sanctions.

17 - Is smoking allowed in the house?

According to local law, SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED IN HOLIDAY HOMES, as well as any Orlando hotel. So smoking is not allowed in bathrooms or any room, even with the windows open. You can smoke in outdoor areas and even in the pool, as long as care is taken to the smoke not enter into the home through its doors. It is worth remembering that the smoke from the cigarette, the toaster or the pan, depending on their volume, can trigger the alarm carbon monoxide detector. In this case, remove the generating source of the smoke, open the doors and turn on the fans.

18 - Can I receive visits in the House?

In the signed agreement shall state the names and ages of all guests. Only these people are allowed to stay in the house. Visits or guests' friends do not constitute a violation of the Agreement. However, the continued stay of people who are not in the above list may characterize breached the Agreement, with the application of sanctions.

19 - What is the maximum capacity of each house? Is there a sofa bed? How are the beds?

Our homes are inspected by the Department of Hospitality and the Florida Fire Department. Among other obligations, these agencies limit the number of occupants in each house according to their number of bedrooms. So house 3 with 3 bedrooms - maximum 8 people, 6 on regular beds and 2 extra; House 4 with 4 bedrooms - Maximum 10 people, 8 in regular beds and 2 extra; The government does not distinguish between adults and children, even if they are babies sleeping with parents. The living room sofa bed can accommodate the two extra people. The beds are quality spring mattresses, like the good hotels. The bed in the master suite is king, the second double bedroom is queen, and the single beds are the box type.

20 - How do I enter in the house?

The access to the house is via two unique passwords that open the locks and another third to the garage. Thus, previous guests do not have the password for the new season, once after their departure, the passwords are immediately changed.

21 - What happens to the violation of the Rental Agreement?

Violation of Agreements and Contracts in the US is very strict and when this occurs the laws are applied, causing losses and hassles. One can account for moral damages, material and not be entitled to any compensation, given that the agreement will be automatically canceled. Therefore, we advise the Contractor strictly observe the main clauses of the Rental Agreement, not changing the number of guests, not taking pets and not smoking inside the house, etc.

22 - What time are the Check-In and Check-Out in the house?

As the cleaning will promptly take place from 10:00 to 16:00, check-in is made from 16: 00h and checkout until 10: 00h. The stay in the house for a few minutes will be permissible as long as the cleaning time is not interrupted. Desiring to extend that time, we advise you to hire a longer period when booking, as delays are not consenting, and you can be penalized by a daily value plus a cleaning fee since our staff will have to return to do the service.

23 - What are the check-out procedures?

No need to clean the house because our cleaning team will do from 10:00 o'clock. Just make sure that electrical and hydraulic equipment were turned off and lock the windows and doors (including the key in the box. We ask the guests to report us if any item was damaged and not replaced.

24 – Who to address if you need help?

The Agreement to be signed, will provide you with the phones and emails of our Local Administration, which will always be available to give any support. Another alternative is to contact us directly.

25 - Why is a Security Deposit required?

When you book a car or hotel, it is always done on the credit card although very often the contractor does not realize it. In house leasing it is not different, the security deposit allows the property owner be compensated in the occurrence of any damage, with evidence by photos. If no damage occurs, the deposit will be returned within 5 working days from the check-out.

26 - What to do if something was damaged in the house?

Whenever possible replace the damaged item with an equivalent, buying it from a supermarket. If it cannot be possible, call our local Administrator to help so that the item is repaired quickly, avoiding the aggravation of the problem and raising its costs.

27 - What is the penalty in case of withdrawal?

If you give up with more than 6 weeks from the date of check-in, the fine is 50% of the amount paid and after that date, the penalty is 100% of the amount paid. There are some contractual exceptions.

28 - What are the current rental values for each house?

The amounts vary by the house size and season, according to our Price List
These values may change at any time; however, the contracted amounts will be retained.

29 – Como posso contata-los ou pedir orçamento?

Fill out the Contact questionnaire or Price Request on this site. If you prefer, use the phone numbers to contact us directly.

30 - How do I get the booking confirmation?

Confirmation is given within 48 hours of the payment of the deposit. As there is an American agency caring for the location of these houses, there may be an overlap of reserves, which is not common. However, if it happens the confirmation will be given to the first guest to make the payment and a full refund of the amounts paid by the second, within 48 hours, otherwise, we will return the double of amounts paid.



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